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Tsuwamono No Michi Samurai Rules
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A set of small scale skirmish action rules based in Japan between the years 1550 to 1620 Sengoku Jidai - The Age Of The Country At War.
Become a Daimyo "Warlord" and control your Samurai and Ashigaru, gain help from Sohei "Warrior Monks" and Ronin "Men Of The Waves".
But be cautious other Daimyo are plotting your downfall, the populous are not to be trusted and Akuto "Evil Lawless Bandits" seek every opportunity to strike.
Remember to keep your Shinobi "Ninja" close by and ready to use.

A very fast, furious and fun set of rules that will allow you to become totally engrossed within this period of Japanese history. Tsuwamono No Michi is not a set of rules for the faint hearted!

Figures are readily available and an excellent range of Two Dragons Miniatures can be purchased online from Stronghold Miniatures.
The rules are available for DOWNLOAD for more information please visit the website of Wargame Shop.
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