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Middle Earth Fantasy Rules
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A set of small to medium scale action rules based on the books and works by J.R.R. Tolkien.
The core rules booklet covers all the basics that are required to start playing the game, these include movement rates, missile fire, close combat, spell casting and heroic actions.
Separate period booklets cover the advanced rules for the key characters, special monsters, magical items and additional rules that are only for the specific period.
Periods will cover the years that run up too and include a major event like The War Of The Ring - Third Age or The Last Alliance - Second Age.
The rules allow for easy control of close order formations with a company of men consisting of 20 figures. A player can easily control two or three companies in a nights gaming.
Figures are readily available and an excellent range can be purchased online from Games Workshop.
The rules are only available for FREE DOWNLOAD.
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