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Fire Storm Fantasy Rules
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A set of large scale wargames rules for any fantasy period.
Refight any fantasy battle you have read about like the attack by the Drow on Mithril Hall in Siege Of Darkness - R.A. Salvatore.
Enormous companies of over 700 figures can maneuver around the battlefield looking for opponents to smash!
Individuals, hero's and commanders compete against the masses with mighty attacks or spells from an extensive 100 strong spell list.

A concise army list at the back of the rules covers large variations in figure types, the balanced pointing system allows for extremely close fought battles, where the dice and tactics will win you the game.

Larger size monsters such as Dragons and Giants blend into the rules intrinsically.
For an independent review of the rules visit The Miniatures Page.
Figures are readily available and an excellent range can be purchased online from Irregular Miniatures.
The rules are only available for PURCHASE in booklet format for more information please visit the website of Wargames Shop.
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