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Sheffield Triples Convention 2009
Held at the University of Sheffield's Octagon Centre on the 4th and 5th of April 2009. The Convention is organised yearly by the Sheffield Wargames Society.
The West Craven Wargames Club is proud to present their Starforce Command game in conjunction with the bespoke hand-made terrain from Wargame Shop.
An alien moon base on a floating rock far far away, the scene was created using specially hand crafted interlocking terrain tiles manufactured by Wargame Shop. 6mm Figures from Ground Zero, Dark Realms and Baccus were painted by club members are used in this demonstration game. The sun crests the horizon and the Starforce assaults the mine with wave after wave of combat vehicles, can the defenders of the moon base hold out until reserves arrive through the Stargate.
Read more about the rules which are available from the Star Command website.
This and similar terrain is available for purchase, please order by contacting Wargame Shop.
Images of this event can be viewed within the Photograph Gallery:
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