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Shiloh 2006 - Scarborough Wargames Holiday Centre
Members from the West Craven Wargames Club attended a Weekend of Battle at the Wargames Holiday Centre in Scarborough at the start of July 2006.
The American Civil War battle of Shiloh was refought using the extensive collection of 25mm figures that are housed there. The battle was fought over a two day period by eight wargamers from across the country.
A full battle report is available from the battles section of this website as well as photographs from the gallery section.
If anybody is interested in attending a Wargames Weekend in Scarborough, email us your details and we will pass them on to the holiday centre for you.
Images of this event can be viewed within the Photograph Gallery:
Link: Photograph Gallery
For a full Battle Report on the Battle of Shiloh 1862:
Link: Battle of Shiloh
Here here are a couple of links about the battle of Shiloh:
Link: Shiloh NMP
A Virtual Tour from
Link: Shiloh NPS

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