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Battle Before Fangorn Forest - Opening Bounds
Bound 1 - Evil Initiative
Evil win the initiative roll and leap forward for the forest. The riders of Rohan split into two groups, the first head to cut off the Uruk-hai in front of the forest while the second group moves into position behind them. Aragorn calls a heroic move and with his command ability takes Legolas and Gimli with him, so closing the gap between the Uruk-hai and themselves.
Bound 2 - Evil Initiative
Uglúk the commander of the Uruk-hai calls a heroic move to try to gain Fangorn, but fails by a short distance. The Rohan charge into the group of Uruk-hai, while Aragorn calls another heroic move taking his companions with him again. The charge inflicts few casualties, but causes havoc with many Uruk-hai being knocked to the ground by the passing cavalry. One of the Uruk-hai that is carrying Pippin is contacted and Pippin is thrown to the ground whilst he combats the Rohan rider.
Bound 3 - Evil Initiative
Aragorn makes yet another heroic move, but only takes Gimli with him. The Uruk-hai move first in normal movement and contact all the Rohan, whilst Eomer the 2nd Marshall of Rohan is surrounded. Gimli makes another heroic move. Legolas calls and heroic shot to aim into combat, something good cannot normally do. He shoots to help Eomer in his combat, using his three shots he kills all but one Uruk-hai, and Eomer dispatches the last in the normal combat phase. The Rohan lose badly and their numbers are reduced.
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