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Battle Before Fangorn Forest
Saruman as sent his Uruk-hai to search the lands for Halflings in the hope that they capture the Ring Bearer. At Amon Hen the Fellowship was found, battle ensured and Boromir was killed. Two of the Halflings were captured, Merry and Pippin, these are now being taken back north to Isengard. After laying Boromir to rest, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli set out on a great run across the Plains of Rohan. Unlike the book, the three pursuers rested little at night and so caught up with the Uruk-hai at the eaves of Fangorn Forest.
This is were the battle starts the Uruk-hai are fleeing into Fangorn and must exit by the wooded edge of the battlefield, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are pursuing and the Riders of Rohan have turned up on the Uruk-hai’s left flank. The Rohan do not know of the captives and so cannot rescue them, this can only be done by the three companions.
Victory Conditions
The Uruk-hai must get both captives off the wooded edge of the battlefield; the good side must stop them. A draw will ensure if one captive is taken from the battlefield.
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