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What is Wargaming?
It's a hobby in which you fight historical or make believe battles on a tabletop with small miniature figures, with the aid of dice and a set of rules you could possibly change history.
Historical battles start with the same number of units within a army that appeared at the original battle, the units are set up and positioned in identical locations. The battle then commences and the units move and fight under your command. You react to situations that arise and try to achieve victory with your force.
Make believe battles are situations that could have occurred in history, the armies are selected from battles that did occur around the period that is being fought.
In a science fiction battle the opposing armies are agreed upon by each player before the battle starts, these armies normally have no historical reference.
The normal size of a playing area for a game is a six by four foot table. This will have a number of modeled terrain tiles on it to represent the battlefield.
Dice are used to give a random factor to the battle, but a strict set of rules are followed to give cohesion to the game.
Image: Various Dice That Are Used
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