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Painting Figures
Wargames figures arrive unpainted when new, they are made from a mixture of metals, which give them a dulled silver finish. Some small parts may need gluing onto the figure, like weapons or flags.
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The figures must be cleaned with a knife first, this involves the removal of all surplus metal that was left due to poor casting.
When clean the figure can be based on card to a specific size that is relevant to a set of rules that the figure is going to be used with.
The figure can now be undercoated with black/grey paint for normal detail or white/light grey for a figure with lots of light detail.
Base colours are now applied leaving small borders of black undercoat to separate the colours and sharpen the edges.
A mid colour is then applied over the base, this is slightly lighter than the previous colour and gives a depth to the colours. After this a third final colour is applied, this is a much lighter colour of the same hue which highlights any raised areas or edges.
The final detail is achieved by the use of selective dry brushing and/or washing with inks to give a realistic weathering effect to the figure.
Finally a liberal coat of varnish is applied to protect the figure when it is used.
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