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Monday Night Events
Monday evenings at the club are reserved for Role Playing and Board Games.
In the Role Playing Games you become a fictitious character that has to solve puzzles and fight their way through a series of set adventures. You do this as part of a larger party and characters that survive will receive rich rewards.
Link: Wizards of the Coast Website
The club still uses the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules booklets to play their favourite Role Playing game.
Dungeons and Dragons is set in medieval times, when knights were bold and the odd dragon still ravaged the lands. Wizards could conjure powerful spells and cast them at the hordes of evil minions that continually swarm out of the bowels of the earth.
Space Master is another Role Playing game that is highly rated by the club members. Set in the future you voyage around the known and unknown universe exploring new worlds. Armed with your trusty blast rifle and medi-kit, you expect to live a few microns longer than your last character did!
Board games use counters that are set up on a fold out playable area. A turn sequence is used to rotate play and the players aim to achieve the objectives that are detailed in the rules that accompany the board game.
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