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Wargames Figures
Figures come in various sizes for different styles of games, smaller figures used on a tabletop will enable large scale battles to be played.
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Although with a large enough table a bigger figure scale can be used to play an enormous battle.
Common figures sizes are 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 54mm, the size denotes the actual height of the figure in millimeters.
The figure scale can now be worked out as follows: an average man stands 1.8 meters high, if this is represented by a 6mm figure it would have a scale of 6mm to 1800mm or 1mm to 300mm therefore giving a scale of 1/300th.
Other scales like 1/10,000th are less common, these tend to be used for naval warfare where a battleship can easily fit in your hand and a fleet would occupy an area the size of a carpet tile.
The metal figures are cast in a mould that spins at high speed, this forces the molten metal to flow and rapidly cool. Plastic figures are created using injection moulding, this is where the liquid plastic is injected under great pressure.
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